Eros Issue 5 | Death Vol. 1
(Post Funera, Vita)

Idris Khan | Sami Jalili | Rebecca LaMarre | Kate Strain | Ilsa Colsell | Amelia Groom | Alice Hattrick | Jalal Toufic | Vincent Dachy | Harman Bains | Alis Oldfield | Nick Thurston | John Harrington | John Schad | Tamarin Norwood | Naomi Pearce | Yves Scherer | Scott Esposito | Karen Whiteson | Holly Pester | Tom Geue | Teresa Fankhänel | Federico Campagna | Cornelia Parker | Lucian | Manca Bajec

Eros Press is a London-based independent publisher of periodicals, books and artists’ editions. E.R.O.S. is the journal of Eros Press. It is published biannually, and dedicated to the subject of desire. It covers a wide range of fields, drawing together often disparate disciplines under the auspices of each issue’s theme. Alongside newly commissioned work, E.R.O.S. contains excerpts, reproductions and reappraisals. Read more…