Posted on Jan 3, 2016

I am so very excited to announce that I’ll be artist in residence at Spike Island through 2016, working with drawing and the space around the page:

“The residency project aims to examine the spatial and temporal attributes of the drawing process — the space and the time around the page — in terms of their relationship to the object of drawing, the subject or body doing the drawing, and the body of marks left on the page. This research will develop through studio-based experiments that engage with the expanded field of drawing, moving beyond the pencil and the page towards towards three-dimensional and four-dimensional reinterpretations of the point of contact between drawing instrument and support.”

The residency begins on January 5th with a two-week stay in the residency studio, and will continue throughout the year with another two stays at the studio and a handful of events led by myself and invited researchers and practitioners. I’ll be making sculptural assemblages, videos and drawings which will inform new writing to be published in a dedicated monograph in early 2017. I’m giving an introduction to my work and the residency project at Spike Island on January 19th – details are online here.

Full details of the project are on the residency blog at