I completed my doctorate (Drawing: the Point of Contact) as a Clarendon scholar at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford in 2018, and am now Doctoral Prize Research Fellow at the Drawing Research Group, Loughborough University, visiting Early Career Research Fellow at the Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath, and researcher at the Oxford Centre for Life Writing, University of Oxford. I hold an MFA in Art Writing from Goldsmiths (2010), BFA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins (2007) and BA Hons in Italian and Linguistics from the University of Oxford (2004). 

Single Author Artist Books

2021    The Mourning Lines. London: Ma Bibliothèque.

2016    Tumour: Figure and Ground. Oxford: Bodleian Libraries. (Created with support from Spike Island Bristol and Arts Council England. Single edition hand-typeset scroll-form book, for which the Bodleian hand press was uniquely reconfigured.)

2015    Drawing Round Things. London: SE8 Gallery. (Vinyl record commissioned on the occasion of my solo exhibition What the Point is: The End of the Line.)

2012    olololo. Oxford: Modern Art Oxford with Book Works studio. (Commissioned to conclude my residency exhibition at Modern Art Oxford. With folded, laser cut and rotary-bound pages.)

2012    was. London: LemonMelon. (Fourth in a commissioned art writing series, each volume exploring one word of Franz Kafka’s line Lemonade everything was so infinite.)

2009    DO SOMETHING. Marseille, France: (un)limited store.

Book Chapters, Articles and Reviews

2022   Drawing and Loss. Special issue of TRACEY Journal of Drawing and Visualisation Research, guest edited by Tamarin Norwood.

2022    Metaphor and Neonatal Death: how stories can help when a baby dies at birth. Chapter in: Essays in Life Writing, ed. K. Cardell. Routledge. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the journal Life Writing.

2022    Love as it is Manifested in Institutions: Reflections on the Art and Science of Bereavement Care in the Neonatal Ward. Article in: Pediatric e-Journal: Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care, issue 67: Bereavement.

2021   ‘Something good enough’. Wakley Prize Essay. The Lancet.

2021    Reconciling the Uniquely Embodied Grief of Perinatal Death: A Narrative Approach Co-authored with Prof John Boulton. Article in: Religions.

2021    Metaphor and Neonatal Death: how stories can help when a baby dies at birth. Article in: Life Writing Journal.

2021    Anhydramnios: ‘Birth, Death and Drawing BreathEssay in: Tendon, A Medical Humanities Creative Journal. Issue 04: Breath. Johns Hopkins Centre for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine.

2021    ‘Drawing and its Organs’. In: ON FIGURE/S, eds. M. Newman, S. Kivland and K. MacFarlane. Ma Bibliotheque with The Drawing Room.

2020 Creating Bonds with a Baby Expected to Die at Birth‘. Essay in: The Polyphony, Institute for the Medical Humanities, Durham University.

2020    ‘Digital Drawing’. In: A Companion to Contemporary Drawing, eds. R. Fortnum and K. Chorpening. London: Wiley Blackwell. This 8,000 word chapter surveys contemporary digital drawing, examining pencil drawing, computer code and digitally native artefacts to consider modes of analogue and digital resemblance.

2019    ‘Writing Drawingly: A Case Study of Multimodal Translation between Drawing and Writing’. In: Beyond Words: Translation and Multimodality, eds. A. Carreres et al. London: Routledge (forthcoming). This 10,000 word chapter develops the first chapter of my doctoral thesis, eliciting from a process of ‘half-blind’ drawing a mode of writing and researching ‘drawingly’.

2016    Drawing Attention: Ways of Knowing Derived in the Movement of the Pencil’. In: The Restless Compendium: Interdisciplinary Investigations of Rest and its Opposites, ed. J. Wilkes, F. Callard and K. Staines. London: Palgrave. This 2,500 word chapter compares the movement of the stylus during the act of drawing with the movement of the lens in ‘haptic’ film and video.

2015    ‘(e.g. pencils)’. Catalogue essay in: 2,3: A Project by Sora Kim, ed. J. Y. Moon. London: Korean Cultural Centre UK.

2014    ‘Drawing and the Digital Ground in the Work of Tamarin Norwood’. Interview with Becky Huff Hunter. In: Art Journal, October 2014. This 2,250 word online interview situates my video artwork among contemporary drawing practices in which the page meets the camera lens, computer screen and 3D printing bed.

2013    ‘Nightwatch: an abridged transcript’. Article co-authored with N. Vicars et al. In: Performance Research Journal 18(5).

2013    ‘Dawnchorus’. Article co-authored with N. Vicars et al. In: The Live Art Almanac (Vol. 3), eds. L. Keidan and A. Wright. London: Live Art Development Agency and Oberon Books.

2011    ‘The Inscription of Art and Everyday Life’. Article in: Activate Journal 1(1).

2011    ‘The Jolly (Good) Show: Light and shade in contemporary art practice’. Exhibition review in: a-n magazine (Dec-Jan).

2010    ‘Writing Performance’. Essay in: (W)reading Performance Writing: A Guide, ed. R. L Clapham. London: Live Art Development Agency.

Conference Papers and Talks

2022    Life-Writing and Death Studies‘. In Conversation event with Dr Renske Visser, part of the Centre for Death and Society In Conversation series.

2022    Exploring the Practice, Use and Value of Therapeutic Writing on Death, Dying and Bereavement. Contribution to panel at the Centre for Death and Society Conference 2022: Institutions and Death.

2021    Writing a Very Brief Life. Podcast for podcast series Writing Lives: Biography and Beyond. The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, University of Oxford.

2020    ‘Something from Nothing? Constructing a Narrative when a Baby Dies at Birth’. Paper at online seminar series: Contemporary Women’s Writing and the Medical Humanities. School of Advanced Study, University of London.

2020    ‘Rivers of Forgetfulness: Articulating Neonatal Bereavement through Metaphor’. Paper at international conference on death studies: Death and Culture III. York St John University.

2020    ‘The Other Night: Water and the Nocturnal Imagination on an Urban Night’s Walk’. Paper at International Conference on Night Studies. Lisbon.

2019    ‘Drawing and the Murder of the Thing’. Paper at research forum. The Drawing Room. London.

2018    ‘Drawing: The Point of Contact’. Paper at conference Beyond Words: Multimodal Encounters in Translation. Cambridge University.

2017    ‘Drawing Analogies’. Artist talk at event Paper Visual Art with gorse Journal: Art + Writing. Poetry Ireland, Dublin.

2016    ‘The Studio in Fine Art Research’. Paper at seminar Research as Gesture. Central Saint Martins.

2016    ‘Drawing / Thinking’. Talk at event Art and Science of Doodling. Wellcome Collection.

2016    ‘Drawing and the Digital Ground’. Artist talk for IT Series. University of Oxford.

2015    Artist talk for lecture series Where Art Happens. Sheffield Hallam University.

2015    ‘Drawing Sound’. Talk at symposium Forces in Creative Collaboration. OVADA, Oxford.

2015    ‘Art Writing’. Talk at panel discussion Fractured Performance.Korean Cultural Institute, London.

2015    ‘Jackson Mac Lowe’. Poetry reading at event Refracted Light. Wellcome Collection, London.

2014    ‘Half-Blind Drawing’. Artist talk at Study Forum. The Drawing Room, London.

2014    ‘Writing Art’. Artist talk.University of Leeds.

2013    Artist talk accompanying solo exhibition. The China Shop, Oxford.

2013    Opening speech for 2013 Degree Show BA3. Oxford Brookes University.

2013    ‘Collaborazione’. Round table discussion. Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome.

2013    Artist talk for Tertulia. Arnolfini, Bristol.

2012    ‘Drawing and Lekythoi’. Paper at symposium Object Affinity. University of Oxford.

2012    ‘Geographies of the Artist’s Studio’. Panel discussion. Griffin Gallery, London.

2012    Artist talk following project space residency. Modern Art Oxford.

2010    ‘Art / Writing’. Talk at event Art/Writing: Text and Context. Spike Island, Bristol.

2009    ‘What To Do’. Presentation at conference Beyond Text. Roehampton University.

Research Events Convened

Point Line Time: Drawing and the Site of the Page. Spike Island Arts Centre, Bristol. Interdisciplinary series of talks and symposia approaching the act and actions of drawing from diverse perspectives.

2016    Introducing Point Line Time.

2016    Dark Islands with poet and publisher Tom Chivers.

2016    Choreography and the Page with artist Phil Owen and dancer Martina Conti.

2016    movement.language.line.sign with British Sign Language interpreter Dr Kyra Pollitt.

2016    The Ear and the Page with composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh.

2016    Beginning to Speak with musicologist Daniela Cascella.

2016    3D Print Additivism with artists Daniel Rourke and Morehshin Allahyari.

Single Author Artist Books

2021    The Mourning Lines. London: Ma Bibliothèque.

2016    Tumour: Figure and Ground. Oxford: Bodleian Libraries. (Created with support from Spike Island Bristol and Arts Council England. Single edition hand-typeset scroll-form book, for which the Bodleian hand press was uniquely reconfigured.)

2015    Drawing Round Things. London: SE8 Gallery. (Vinyl record commissioned on the occasion of my solo exhibition What the Point is: The End of the Line.)

2012    olololo. Oxford: Modern Art Oxford with Book Works studio. (Commissioned to conclude my residency exhibition at Modern Art Oxford. With folded, laser cut and rotary-bound pages.)

2012    was. London: LemonMelon. (Fourth in a commissioned art writing series, each volume exploring one word of Franz Kafka’s line Lemonade everything was so infinite.)

2009    DO SOMETHING. Marseille, France: (un)limited store.

Artist Writings and Poetry

2015    ‘The Principle is to Restrict’. Artist writing in: AGAIN/the very last time. Cambridge: Wysing Arts Centre with the British Ceramics Biennial.

2015    ‘Tumour: Figure and Ground’. Artist writing in: E.R.O.S. Journal 5(1).

2014    ‘Siteline’. Single-author pamphlet. London: Assembly Passage Project.

2014    ‘Adventures 1-10’. Artist writing in: Podium 171/172.

2014    ‘Ellipses (Boat and Line to Plane)’. Photo essay in: Relief 2:Drift. London: Relief Press.

2014    ‘O-’. Artist writing in: Paperwork Magazine 2: Act Natural.

2014    ‘Cora and Metafiction’. Artist writing in: Their eyes travel across the pages, eds. S. Kivland and S. Jalili. London: Eros Press.

2013    ‘These Are Not Poems’. Poetry in: The Dark Would, an anthology of text artists and poets, ed. P. Davenport. London: Apple Pie Editions.

2013    ‘Anyway I ran at the tree again’. Poetry in: Dear World and Everyone In It: New Poetry in the UK. London: Bloodaxe Books.

2013    ‘Days, Time’s Mice’. Collaboration with E. Critchley in: VLAK 4. Prague: Litteraria Pragensia.

2012    ‘Timepieces’. Artist writing in: One Thing Leads to Another: Everything is Connected. London: Black Dog Publishing and Art on the Underground.

2012    ‘Delicious’. Artist writing in: COPY: papers, fictions, scripts and circles. Sheffield: Site Gallery.

2012    ‘Endnotes’. Artist writing in: Art Licks (7). Part of Seven Chapters, a Contents Page, Parenthesis and Endnotes.

2012    Artist writing in Karin Hueber – Tamarin Norwood. Manuela Schlumpf and Nadine Rinderer.

2012    Collaboration in Six degrés de séparation. Nancy, France: 49 Nord 6 Est: Frac Lorraine.

2012    ‘The radiator is breathing again’. Poetry in: The Other Room Anthology 4. Manchester: The Other Room Press.

2011    ‘Afterward’. In: COPY: unfold. Leeds: Critical Writing Collective.

2011    ‘What To Do’. Poetry in: Partial Fictions. London: Mulberry Tree Press.

2011    ‘They Think it is a Combination’. Poetry collaboration with E. Critchley in: Maintenant: the Camarade project. Derbyshire: Red Ceilings Press.

2011    ‘Orach, Red’. Poetry in: Herbarium. London: Capsule Press with Wayward Plants.

2010    ‘This Side Up; This Side Down’. Photo essay in: Pond 2: Private View. London: Pond Projects.

2010    ‘Musica Practica (ii), (vi), (ix)’. Artist writing in: Content. Glasgow: Volume with Glasgow International.

2010    ‘Towards the Development of an Air Terminal Site’ and ‘Fata Morgana Machine’. Artist writing with antepress. In: Roland 7 (Nov 2010). London: ICA.

2009    ‘Hesitation’. Artist writing in: Garageland 8. London: Transition Editions.

Readings, Performances, Screenings and Broadcasts

2015    BBC World Service. Reading of Sloth, Cloth, Moth broadcast on Health Check.

2015    ZSL London Zoo. Poetry reading with Hubbub and Wellcome Collection.

2015    Resonance 104.4FM. 60 minute live interview.

2015    VideoGUT Sweden. Screening: Keeping Time.

2015    Bodleian Libraries, Oxford. Screening: The Same River Twice.

2015    Firstsite, Colchester. Reading and book launch: AGAIN / the very last time.

2015    Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier. Screening at conference PoeTransFi.

2014    TULCA, Galway. Broadcast: My House and Other Inventions.

2014    Rich Mix, London. Performance with Mopha.

2014    Senate House. Reading and journal launch: E.R.O.S. Their eyes travel across the page.

2014    KARST Projects, Plymouth. Broadcast:Radioscopie: Medium as Metaphor.

2013    Rich Mix, London. Reading forCamarade Poetry Festival.

2013    Hardy Tree Gallery, London. Reading for Enemies Visual Art and Poetry.

2013    Teatro Archaeologico, Abruzzo. Screening: Dance for Solo Piano and Premier Pro.

2013    Central Saint Martins, London. Screening: Dance for Solo Piano and Premier Pro.

2013    Cheltenham Poetry Festival. Oxford Poetry Society St II respond to Keeping Time.

2013    National Trust Chelsea Fringe Festival. Performance: #dawnchorus.

2013    Art:Language:Location, Cambridge. Performance: #duskchorus.

2013    Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Screening: Keeping Time.

2013    Kings Place, London. Performance: Musica Practica with conductor Anthony Weeden.

2012    Spike Island, Bristol. Reading for One Night Stand Readings.

2012    Liverpool Biennial. Guest hosted podcast for Mercy.

2012    Villa Romana, Italy. Presentation at NOTA, hosted by Open Dialogues.

2012    Tenderpixel, London. Event during To Draw a Blank exhibition: To Draw a Practice.

2012    Rich Mix, London. Poetry reading for Maintenant.

2012    Modern Art Oxford and Bodleian Libraries. Performance: Musica Practica.

2012    Goldsmiths, London. Performance: My House and Other Inventions.

2012    Site Gallery, Sheffield.Presentation for COPY art writing residency: Fictions.

2011    Tate Britain. Performance: Doing Words with Things with Paul Scott, Richard Carter.

2011    Tate Britain. Performance: Musica Practica with conductor Anthony Weeden.

2011    Rich Mix, London. Performance: Doing Words with Things for the London Word Festival.

2011    The Other Room, Manchester. Poetry reading.

2011    The Horse Hospital, London.Poetry reading for Minimum Security Prison Poetry.

2011    Rich Mix, London.Poetry reading for Camarade with Maintenant.

2011    The Urban Physic Garden, London. Poetry reading for Herbarium.

2011    Rich Mix, London. Poetry reading for Maintenant Slovakia with Arc Publications.

2011    TotalKunst, Edinburgh. Participatory whistling performance: We Go Like This.

2010    Institut Francais, Berlin. Nuit de poésie.

2010    Icelandic Embassy, London. Maintenant and 3:AM Magazine.

2010    ICA, London. Fantasy Atelier open weekend with antepress.

2010    Resonance 104.4FM. Broadcast of 60 minute radio play What The Matter Is.

2010    David Roberts Art Foundation, London. Event with antepress.

2010    Five Years Gallery, London. Presentation forField Recordings.

2010    Five Years Gallery, London. Presentation forLecture Hall Free School.

2010    Islington Mill.  Reading forReading for Reading’s Sake.

2010    FormContent, London. Presentation: The Diagram with antepress.

2010    [space], London. Art writing broadcast for Charlie Wooley’s Radio Show.

2010    The Pigeon Wing, London. Presentation: Bottle Collecting.

2010    SE8 Gallery, London.Presentation for Mulberry Tree Press: Getting to the Point.

2009    Resonance 104.4FM. Co-hostedDigestives, weekly art writing series.

2009    Resonance 104.4FM. Live discussion with antepress: What is Art Writing?

2007    ZEBRA International Poetry Film Festival, Berlin. Screening: Door Feather Door.

2006    Darla’s Choice Cuts, Boston USA. Screening: Door Feather Door.

Selected Artist Residencies

2016    Spike Island Arts Centre, Bristol. 12 months.

            Point Line Time: drawing and new technologies.

2014-6 Wellcome Collection. 3 months over 2 years.

            Hubbub: drawing, stillness and movement.

2014    ICA Philadelphia. 6 months.

            ICA@50:Responding to the Agnes Martin archive.

2014    Fermyn Woods Contemporary Online Commission. 1 year.

            dawnchorus365 with Seven Art Writers.

2014    Assembly Passage Project, London. 1 week.

            Art writing with artist Matt Calderwood.

2013    Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria. 6 weeks.

            Drawing and video projection.

2013    Artex Abruzzo, Italy and University of the Arts London. 3 months.

            Collaboration with pianist Rossella Rubini.

2012    Modern Art Oxford. 1 month.

            Digital drawing in video and commissioned artist book.

2011    Chisenhale Gallery, London. 3 months.

            Live Art Residency.

2010    London Underground. 2 months.

            Art on the Underground with Goldsmiths MFA Art Writing.

2009    FormContent, London. 2 months.

            Art writing residency with antepress.

2008    South London Gallery, London. 1 month.

            Art writing with antepress.

Solo Exhibitions

2015    SE8 Gallery, London. What The Point Is: The End of the Line.

2014    ICA Pennsylvania. Tamarin Norwood: A Fine Line, a microexhibition for ICA@50.

2013    The China Shop, Oxford. Well You Have to Draw the Line Somewhere.

2012    Modern Art Oxford Project Space, Oxford. Keeping Time.

2011    TotalKunst, Edinburgh. These Are Not Poems.

2008    Princelet St, London. Citations Lifted Loose (two-person exhibition).

2007    212 Gallery, Bristol. Works on Paper.

2007    here Gallery, Bristol. The Insubstantial Hold of the Reader.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015    Five Years Gallery, London. The Line That (…).

2014    Text Festival, Bury. Collaboration with Márton Koppány for The Dark Would.

2014    AND/OR, London and Wysing Arts Centre. Foam, curated by Mat Jenner.

2013    Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz. Der Handel Zeigt Sich Zufrieden.

2013    The Art Academy, London. Kaleid Editions exhibition of artists’ books.

2012    2012 Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest.

2012    Beton7, Athens. Words, Words, Words!.

2012    Little Berlin, Philadelphia. Reading Room: Intersections between Art and Writing.

2012    Arnolfini, Bristol. Performance Writing Weekend.

2011    Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions.

2010    AC Institute, New York. Department of Micro-Poetics.

2009    Stanley Picker Gallery, London. Writing Exhibitions.

2009    FormContent, London. Art Writing with antepress.

2009    Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool. Dumb Objects.

2009    The Met Arts Centre, Bury. Text Festival.

2009    MOCCA, Toronto. Sugar High.

2008    Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool. Liverpool Biennial Independents: There in Time.

2008    Central Saint Martins, London. A Stain Upon the Silence.

Academic Teaching

2018    University of Oxford. Printmaking for Oxford researchers, in collaboration with artist printmaker Graeme Hughes: PrintMakingThinking.

2016    University of Sheffield. UG 1:1 tutorials and public lecture: Where Art Happens.

2016    Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. UG masterclass: Text in Performance.

2015    Bath School of Art. UG 1:1 tutorials and two afternoon workshops: Art Writing.

2014    Bath School of Art. UG 1:1 tutorials and afternoon workshop: Art Writing.

2014    Cass School of Art. PG seminar and lecture: Writing about Art.

2013    University of Oxford. UG seminar series. Four 90-minute sessions: Art Writing.

2012    London School of Economics. PG workshop: Practices of Representation.

2011    University of Salford. PG workshop: Theories of Writing.

2011    Central Saint Martins. UG seminar: Art Writing.

2007    Cambridge University. PG workshop: Translation in Art.

Public Workshops, Family Events and Schools Projects

2015    Wellcome Collection, London. Public workshop at Wellcome Late: Fidgeting for Beginners.

2013    Modern Art Oxford. Art writing for young people: Almost Fictional Writing Course.

2012    Spike Island, Bristol. Associate Artist one-to-one mentoring session for young artist.

2012    Music Off Canvas. Art writing workshops for young composers: Sound and Music.

2012    Mobile Art School, Dublin. Art writing workshop for primary school children.

2012    OAT Conference, Oxford. Workshop for art teachers: Experimental Drawing.

2012    Modern Art Oxford. Art writing workshop: An Unfinished Word.

2012    Spike Island, Bristol. Extra Curricular Reading Group: Art and Cultural Theory.

2011    Tate Britain. Public workshop: Tate Together.

2011    Chisenhale Gallery, London. Two-week primary school residency: Live Art.

2011    Chisenhale Gallery, London. Family day: Live Art.


Tate Library

The Text Art Archive

Chelsea Art Library

The Drawing Room Artists’ Book Collection

SAIC: Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection.