Art/Writing talks and panel discussion with Fiona Fullam (chair) with Daniel Jewesbury, Tamarin Norwood and Jesse Jones.

Following on from the popular 2009 Spike Associates Art & Writing programmed by Sovay Berriman (Associate Artist) and Megan Wakefield (Researcher: PhD Spike Island/UWE) which featured Maria Fusco, Matt Price, David Trigg, Brian Catling, Becky Shaw and amongst others, Spike Island is pleased to host one of a series of three Art/Writing: Text and Context events curated by Dublin based artist and writer Fiona Fullam and funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

This is the second in a series of three exploratory talks, panel discussions of invited speakers, curated by Fiona Fullam and funded by the Arts Council of Ireland. Art/Writing: Text and Context will consist of a short presentation by each speaker, discussion and a question and answers session and aims to bring together writers, art practitioners and theorists for a public exchange of ideas. Invited speakers are Daniel Jewesbury, Tamarin Norwood and Jesse Jones.

The talks consider and explore the intersection of art and writing. Writing is increasingly occupying the spaces between the live experience, exhibition, and documentation. In addition writing has taken on a role in the making of work itself, in exhibition making and as finished work. Art-writing is, or has the potential to be, both means and end. What forms can art-writing take and how and where can this kind of work be disseminated? Art-writing could be said to include critical writing, reviews, related theoretical or philosophical writing, art-writing – which links the visual and the textual, and also textual visual art. Where and what are the links between these and what kinds of knowledge can be produced at these points of intersection? These discussions endeavour to investigate and develop a range of ways of reading or responding to and discussing such work, both individually and collaboratively.

Art/Writing: Text & Context took place on Saturday 27 November 2010
Associates Space, Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX