COPY explores writing within visual art and performance practice. Issue II, COPY unfold, proposes a tension between the resolved and unresolved, drafted and rewritten, finished and unfinished through works which explore, respond to or enact a state of being ‘in process’.

Alain Ayers / David Berridge / Julia Calver / Paul Carr / Rachel Lois Clapham / Emma Cocker / Laura Davidson / Joanna Loveday / Flatten the Mountain / Daniel Fogarty / Sarah Frydenlund / Derek Horton/ Tamarin Norwood / Flora Robertson / Terry Slater / Richard Taylor / JDA Winslow / Paul Wright

COPY II: Unfold was launched at S1 Artspace on 3 December 2011 with presentations by contributors Emma Cocker, Joanna Loveday, Daniel Fogarty, JDA Winslow and Paul Wright, and an informal discussion involving CWC, further contributors and design collective Dust.

My contribution to COPY II is a 500-word text Afterward of which an extract is below:

It is at the edge of the text, in the afterward, that the text opens itself out and begins its transformation into the signified. Within itself, the internalisation of its system of signification – the quiet of its flatness – frustrates the movement of the text as a signifier and keeps it still. It is the flatness that keeps the edge in sight, constantly reminding that the promise of the text is textual, loosening the settling of imaginary conclusions. The edge closes the text as text, but only at the moment of closure can the text begin to shudder with bodily life as it draws itself clear of the paper.