Keeping Time is a two-screen video installation created and exhibited at Modern Art Oxford during my artist writer residency at the gallery in 2012. A single-screen configuration is below. From the Modern Art Oxford website:

Through a short residency, Tamarin Norwood will explore the Legacy Fellowship to develop a visual vocabulary of choreography, instruction and transcription. As part of her ongoing investigation of the gaps between words and things, rules and games, intentions and accidents, she will track the progress of the Fellowship to create a new body of text and video work.

My progress through the residency was tracked in a regularly updated a-n blog, which was selected by curator and writer Tom Trevatt as a-n’s February 2012 Choice Blog. His review is here.

The residency also comprised an artist talk, an art writing workshop and a series of open studio sessions, and concluded in July 2012 with a second artist talk marking the launch of olololo, a limited edition artist book I made with the Book Works studio to close the residency.

The single-screen configuration was shown in May 2012 as part of the Arnolfini Performance Writing weekend, and in June 2013 at the Ashmolean Museum Oxford as part of the LiveFriday ‘Come Draw with Me’ event.

Between 2012 and 2013 ten members of the Poetry Society Oxford Stanza II created new poetry in response to Keeping Time, which was performed under the title ‘Traces’ alongside video screenings at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival and at the Ashmolean Museum.


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