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ON THE UPGRADE is a limited edition series in a box, a collection of unbound printed works in reply to their online counterparts.

The series is produced by online curatorial project With this project is exploring the relation of the printed page to the web space and its online activity of commission, production and display. On the upgrade comprises the following printed works, each commissioned for the project:

Patrick Coyle, ‘Empty Grey Squares (Registration)’, 2011
Re: ‘Empty Grey Squares’, 2010; SIMPLICITY

Benedict Drew, ‘hypnopomp’, 2011
Re: ‘The Visit’, 2011; ACCELERATION

Jamie George, ‘Various Yellows (Denim Badge Version)’, 2011
Re: ‘Made in Great Britain, PANTONE® 12-0633 TCX, Canary Yellow’, 2010; SIMPLICITY

Tamarin Norwood, ‘The Window Elegies’, 2011
Re: ‘Paper View’ and “Nietszche Among the Cows”, 2010; ON-LOOKING Blog

Damien Roach, ‘Michigan parachute/Kitchen/Arp 147’, 2011
Re: ‘Michigan parachute/Kitchen/Arp 147’, 2011; ACCELERATION

David Rule, ‘Street View (Andrew, Jessie, Renée, Abi and Jason)’, 2011
Re: ‘Street View’, 2010; ON-LOOKING

On the upgrade is available for purchase at