A striking photo of Richard Long creating a new commission at Hepworth Wakefield gallery this summer. He looks inspired, eyes raised to consider the work in progress: an assured look, wild wise eyebrows, mouth solemn and pursed between critique and satisfaction. I don’t like to use this poetic tone but the photograph makes me. It is a portrait of a man absorbed, a reverent man, a religious man with head covered and skin paint-spattered in deference to his task. Here is a saviour. A prophet, descending to the depths to bring us this: the Art.

Photo: Steven Jackson, guardian.co.uk,
URL: http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/gallery/2012/jun/22/richard-long-hepworth-wakefield-in-pictures#/?picture=392026075&index=8
Accessed: Tuesday 24 July 10:28 GMT