Lines 44-45 of Guillaume Apollinaire’s poem Le Bestiaire (1911) read: Belles journées, souris du temps, Vous rongez peu à peu ma vie. (Beautiful days, time’s mice, gnawing little by little my life away.)

J.L. Austin’s lectures How to do Things with Words (1955) identify certain categories of utterance that affect rather than describe their context.

Peter Dreher’s painting series Tag um Tag ist Guter Tag (Day by Day is a Good Day, 1974-ongoing) comprises nearly 4,000 numbered paintings of the same empty glass.

Each to Each originated as a sculptural installation of the same name, created for the Citations Lifted Loose exhibition, part of the Concrete and Glass Festival (London 2008).

Doing Words with Things shares its title with my collaborative performance between a sculptor and a signer of British Sign Language, resulting in conversations made of wire. Performances at London Word Festival (Apr 2011) and Tate Britain (Oct 2011).

The images above show five shelf poems comprising wooden shelves, found objects and adhesive vinyl lettering, installed at TotalKunst Edinburgh for my solo exhibition THESE ARE NOT POEMS (August 2011). The exhibition was part of I AM NOT A POET: a two-week festival exploring connections of language, writing and art practice.

More about the I Am Not A Poet festival at VerySmallKitchen.