Three pages from my 2012 poetry collaboration with Emily Critchley are included in VLAK issue 4, as part of a collection of Camarade collaborative works: a project initiated by SJ Fowler. Others in the VLAK Camarade feature are listed below; more about the issue is online here.

David Kelly & Daniele Pintano
Hal Porter & Mark Melnicove
Fernando Corona & Chris Kraus
Zuzana Husárová & Amalia Roxana Filip
Louis Armand & John Kinsella
Iris Fraser-Gudrunas & Mat Laporte
Mark Atkins & Rod Mengham
The Camarade Project curated by S.J. Fowler:
Sean Bonney & Jeff Hilson
Marcus Slease & Tim Atkins
Philip Terry & Jeff Hilson
Allen Fisher & Philip Terry
Emily Critchley & Tamarin Norwood
Jeff Hilson & Robert Shepherd
Tim Atkins & Harry Gilonis

VLAK editorial collective: Louis Armand, David Vichnar, Edmund Berrigan, Ali Alizadeh, Steven J. Fowler, Jane Lewty, Stephen Mooney, Olga Pekova, Jeroen Nieuwland, Ewelina Chiu.
ISSN 1804-512X. 425pp.
Publication date: October 2013
Published by Litteraria Pragensia: Prague, London, New York, Melbourne, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam