Below is Isaac Muñoz’s review of my a-n blog What The Matter Is, which he selected as an Artists Talking highlight in June 2010. You can read the original review here along with an archive of other reviews for 2010.

Who said that thinking in colour itself can be the representation of the infinite? Or more precisely, that differentiation does not appear. I came back to that thought when I read Tamarin Norwood’s blog What The Matter Is.

Let’s have in mind that the grammar of things is there to be played with, not to engage with daily life problems, but just with the problems of the containers of knowledge, which actually is a daily life addiction. I enjoyed Tamarin’s writing, a sort of concrete exercise that ridiculises the properties of objects, the pencil, the biro, the stapler. There is a feeling that her blog is there just to spend time explaining time. It becomes a self-referred and indexical dialogue. She states that the act of finding the way of her practice is her practice (who cares then!). It sounds redundant even when I try to write about it, but it is because these kinds of banal dialogues about their own structure tend to be a black hole that absorbs their interpretation toward the same structure. And there we have a container for knowledge. It seems that Tamarin opens a space for a dialogue about dialogue.

Digging historically we have traces of this kind of writing in the development of semiotics, concrete poetry, post-structuralism, a sort of deconstruction with a background that sounded very political and now artificial, a criticism to the ‘regime’. Which regime? The blog is very personal, and it also reminds me of Yves Michaud when he states that the world is so beautiful today.

I chose Tamarin’s blog because it is a platform to keep thinking about the possibilities to reconfigure reality, like a bracket or lapse of time to be aware of how I am experiencing generalities.

Tamarin Norwood is an artist and writer living in London. You can view her blogs on Artists talking here:
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